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Bend! Boldly Went: YOUR Adventure Stories Told Here

Date: Wednesday 02/22/17

Location: Bend, OR

Website: View Now

Time: 06:00pm

Description: Bend event

More Information:

Every adventure has a story worthy of sharing.

Boldly Went Events are community derived story telling platforms where outdoor adventurers of all types gather together and are chosen at random to share their intriguing and inspiring adventure stories in front of a live audience. The best stories range from jubilant triumph to utter failures and capture raw human emotions, emerging relationships and significant new insights.

Come for an evening of sharing stories. Doors at 6 p.m. so there’s plenty of time to buy yourself a beer, and share free appetizers. Adventure stories will be told from 7-9. We are excited to meet you there and hear your wild stories!

Tell your story

Come prepared with an adventure story that can be told in 10 minutes or less. At the time of your arrival to the event, fill out the Interested Storyteller Form. The event organizer will randomly select people during the event to tell their stories in front of an enthusiastic and supportive live audience.

Qualifying adventures?

Adventures come in various forms and we do not discriminate. If you think you have a story worth sharing, we think you do too. Come to this event or check out our website for events in other locations. Always feel free to contact us to arrange an event in your town!


Want to come and listen without the pressure of telling a story? Of course you do! We all love hearing about other people’s adventures. All we ask is that you bring your enthusiasm and support for our brave storytellers. Audience attendees may be selected as judges at the time of check in. Judges will vote on their favorite stories.

Most Boldly Went Champion
The Boldly Went Champion will get a stick or rock or some other meaningless prize of the organizer’s choice. We will also encourage the winner to immediately seek out another adventure and to come and tell us another story because we think they are really good at it. Of course we will feature their story on our website, podcast, and social media.