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FootZone is on Strava!

by Meaghan McCluskey

Not everyone is data obsessed, but at times it can be helpful to track progress as we build our miles and minutes into the summer. To mix it up, FootZone has started a little club on a popular tracking app called Strava.

What is Strava, you might ask? It is a way to turn any GPS tracking device – Garmin, Polar, or even your phone – into a tracking, analyzing, sharing, and connecting machine!

Think of GPS and social media combining: you can follow along with your friends and neighbors, find new places to run, or explore trails you didn’t know were even there.

Start Strava on your phone before a run, and it will track your pace, distance, and – if you have a compatible strap – heart rate. Or start your GPS watch and connect it to Strava online later. It can then break down your miles one by one, showing you your average pace for that mile, the elevation gained or lost, and even a pace analysis. You can get as in depth as you would like. You can consider Strava an online training journal, track how many days you have been running, or gage how long you’ve got until you need a fresh pair of running shoes!

Naming the run is always fun. It can be as simple as “Afternoon Run” to “Back in the Saddle….”  Get creative!

Many runs have what Strava calls “segments,” which are popular stretches of road or trail. You can compare your run over a particular segment against your previous performance, or against the performance of others.

That’s where the social aspect comes in. Strava is a network of runners, walkers, hikers, and cyclists who share their races, runs, workouts, and even rest days. It’s a great way to connect with others and give “kudos” on performances. You can even post pictures along with your runs – from flowers, to non-snowy-very-much-open high lakes trails, to weekend warrior adventures, to Pub Run shenanigans. Our community is wide and varied, and you never know what might motivate a fellow runner!

Join FootZone’s club on Strava and get out the door, give some kudos, and have fun this summer! On our Strava page, we’ll be posting “challenges” throughout the summer with prizes and personal bragging rights on the line.

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