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Many Miles to go Before She Sleeps – Jenn Smith Interview

Jenn Smith is an ordinary-extraordinary runner in Bend, Oregon, who ran 68 races in 2016 alone. Her current goal is to run 50 half marathons by her birthday in September 2017.  Despite these impressive numbers, Jenn is a runner just like most of us – out for the exercise, loves running with friends, isn’t followed

El Camino de Santiago Talk and Pack List

Big thanks to Bendites Barb Morris and Jed Holdorph for coming to speak at FootZone! Click here for their camino packing list and here for a link to their website.

Training for a Half Marathon

By Courtney Drewsen A half marathon is the sweet spot. It’s long enough to require those double digit training runs but short enough to not take over your life. Whether it’s your first half marathon or your 50th you probably have a goal in mind. Joining a training group can make those chances of achieving

Recipes for Training and Races

Dr. Stephanie Howe Violett joined us tonight to talk to our training group members about how to eat well while training, for anything from a 5K to a marathon.  The biggest challenge for most folks?  Finding the time to make good food!  If this is a familiar problem for you, download this free pdf of

Teens and the Female Athlete Triad

We are always grateful that the many experts we have in Bend are willing to share their particular area of expertise with FootZone and our customers.  Last night we had the privilege of hosting Dr. Stephanie Howe Violett for a talk about female high school athletes, nutrition, and the female athlete triad, a set of

FootZone’s Moms Running Group Produces Super Moms!

moms running group

by Jenna Francis   “Super moms,” “you ladies are an inspiration,” and my personal favorite, “a force to be reckoned with” – these are just a few of the many things complete strangers yell to the moms as they run by during the Thursday morning FootZone Moms Running Group.   I started coming to the

Building a Brick House: Olympic Trials Training Continues


Collier Lawrence is our on-staff Olympic steeplechase hopeful.  She introduced herself and her Oiselle Little Wing compatriots in a previous post – but left us hanging just as they were leaving for altitude camp.  Read the latest installment below to find out what our finest athletes do in the months leading to the Olympic trials.

McDonald Forest 50K Review: Mind over Mud

Sarah at McDonald Forest 50k

by Sarah Graham “Hey Kraig, you lived in Eugene for a while right? How accurate are the weather forecasts in the valley?” The Monday before the McDonald Forest 50k, my favorite weather app showed plump sun icons all week leading up to a big gray scab of a rain cloud on race day. I guess

An Olympic Trials hopeful on FootZone’s staff!


The rest of us FootZoners might forgive you if you didn’t know that we have a rockstar Olympic Trials hopeful in our midst.  Collier Lawrence is a fixture in the shop, but probably one of the quietest and humblest amongst us, despite having BIG dreams. We thought it would be awesome for the FootZone and

Top Selling Trail Shoes for 2015

by Teague Hatfield At FootZone we’re fortunate to sell a lot of trail shoes.  If you’ve ever seen our trail wall, you know that we take the selection seriously and have always been willing to try a great shoe whether we actually need it or not.  Our staff is filled with trail runners, ultra runners,