FootZone Fit

fit-process-holderWe’ve built our reputation on selling great-fitting shoes.  Over the years, our fitting process has evolved, incorporating changes in technology, the medical community, and the running industry.  Since we opened in 1995, our goal has remained the same:  To keep you active and healthy in shoes that you love.

So what is the FootZone Fit Process?

1.) We watch you walk without shoes.  This is the best way for us to make a basic biomechanical evaluation.  We don’t have you run at this stage because you run differently when you’re barefoot.  We’ll also ask about your running or walking and any history of injury.

2.) We measure you using a Brannock device.  We’re proud that we’ve actually worn out a Brannock device at the FootZone.  We keep it retired in the backroom as a badge of honor for all our years of measuring feet.  This measurement doesn’t tell us everything but it gives us a starting point.

3.) We get shoes on your feet.  Here’s where the rubber meets the road, so to speak.  We learn more about your feet and biomechanics once we get you in a few pairs of shoes and we’ll bring out all we need to find the best options for you.  We’ll also make sure you’re in appropriate socks and discuss orthotics or footbeds as needed.

4.) We watch you run or walk in the shoes.  We do this on the treadmill or the sidewalk, depending on what you’re comfortable with.  We combine customer feedback with video analysis and our trained eyes to decide upon the footwear that will work best for every individual that walks in our door.

Thank you for the opportunity!