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    Grey Butte

    Grey Butte

    Take a journey above Smith Rock on this gorgeous, hilly trail run in Terrebonne, OR. Grey Butte stands at 5,108’ and it makes you work hard to earn those majestic views. You can start this run at Smith Rock State Park or Skull Hollow Campground. The pictures below are of the route starting from Smith Rock, which is about a 13.1 miles out-and-back route to Grey Butte.

    Enjoy the first mile cruising around the beautiful landscape of Smith Rock and then prepare for a gritty climb up Burma Road. After conquering Burma Road, take a right to hop on the Grey Butte Connector trail and enjoy 2.5 miles of pristine singletrack. At mile 5, take a left at the end of the connector trail and you’ve reached a popular camping area called “the saddle.” Take in the incredible views of the Cascades here because the next 1.5 miles up Grey Butte on the dirt road is a brutal 1,500 foot climb. We promise the panoramic views are so worth the pain! Once you reached the top, relax, pat yourself on the back, and see how many mountains and buttes you can count. They’re endless!

    Remember, “what goes up must come back down.” Have fun cruising that lovely 6.5 miles of downhill back your car at Smith Rock State Park. You earned it! Keep an eye out for the incredible views of the 3 Sisters as you head back towards Smith Rock on the Grey Butte Connector trail. This singletrack is infamously known as the “Magic Carpet” and, yes, it is as magical as it sounds.

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